About Us

FOEN is a leading perfume manufacturer for interior

FOEN is a Polish manufacturer of interior perfumes. The mission of the FOEN brand is to delight with the scent!

They place great emphasis on high quality and do not compromise. They set new standards in delivering vehicle and interior fragrances. FOEN brand products are offered in a full range of fragrances that have been tested in terms of durability and intensity of the aroma emitted. All fragrance compositions are approved by the IFRA International Fragrance Organization as safe for health and have been approved for trading all over the world, have the PZH certificate and ISO 9002 certificate.

FOEN ME is the official distributor in the Middle East for FOEN fragrances. Our goal is to further the knowledge and use of high quality interior fragrances and deliver the best product available on the market.

FOEN, a fragrance that inspires!